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Boulder Opals  
We lead Boulder of opals in all sizes and forms.

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The Boulder Opal got his name from the source rock in which he grew. The miner from Queensland in Australia calls him "Boulder". The "Boulder" from Australia consists in most cases from containing iron rocks.

The stone used cavities such as tears, splitting and tubes to grow inside of it.

For approximately 60 to 100 million years ago began the forming of the Australian opal and enveloped into an opal with the most diverse qualities and colours.
From one-colour to multicolour stone, from split to the Boulder matrix. The Boulder matrix designates within the stones with the opal through- grown is. Very rare is the Black boulder opal.

Among the nature miracles is one of them the Boulder opal. Inside of it, you can recognize pictures, figures and flowers. The opal is converted to valuable jewellery and also from collecting tanks very desired.