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For approximately hundred million years ago our nature developed with extracted dried seas and extinct volcanoes rare solicit acid. In over millions of years it was caught in cavities and was for a long lasting time a hardener process into silicon dioxide. During the process had an electrolytic procedure ensured which tiny small balls were lined up in a special sample.

About this sample we receive an character named "rainbow effect" The natural light gets caught, breaks and withdraws in a spectral light again. If this phenomenon shows up as silicon oxide, it will be named opal. And the more finely the sample gets merged, the more finely the spectral colour in the opal appears. The opal developed since the turn of the century to be a desired jewel, which significance constantly gained. One says that if the humans an opal wear or letting produce out of it are individualists, who will become a special joyousness in their life's.
With the impact of the white light under a certain angel upon the opal layers becomes only one certain colour ex deflection. The ex deflected stream gets more monochromatic the bigger the number of the layer is. Despite of the designation "reflection condition" is a question of a typical diffraction phenomenon.

Simply expressed, that calls the "rainbow effect".